Authentic Living Is

Unique to Everyone

The result of Authentic Living looks different for everyone.

Years of working with people to find their most authentic self has resulted in: finding their voice, advocating for self and others, finding true love, seeking a much-desired divorce, retirement, becoming an artist, moving across the country, having babies, inventing and patenting cool stuff.

What have you been dreaming of?

What have you tried that hasn't yet taken off?

What do you feel you just can't do?

What have you been told you can't do?

It is all possible.

This is where it begins.

It begins with you saying yes to you.

Authentic Living Story

This course grew from my personal life story. I grew up in a small college town in Wisconsin where I was an average student at best. College was expected in my family, mostly because my mom dreamed of it but never did it. Instead of living her dream she did what she was told by her elders. Similar to me, except I think it worked out better for me. I went to college and began to find myself.

I floundered growing up not feeling I belonged until High School where I began taking courses that opened things up for me.

Freshman year college, I chose and attended the wrong university for me. There, I felt lost and like I did not belong. I was physically and emotionally unhealthy, earned bad grades and was put on academic probation.

After a transfer my GPA shot up to 3.95. I found a place I belonged, rather than tried to fit into. Also realized I love reading literature, studying human development, psychology, communications, human sexuality. Post college I found love for travel, spirituality, arts, food, humanities, yoga, social justice, and even politics. College was an introduction to a much bigger world that opened many doors in life.

Early adulthood, life remained a struggle in some ways... that is until I learned to say "No" to things that were not for me and "HELL YES" to that which brought me joy.

I said "no" to an offer to buy into a restaurant connected with someone I idolized. Interesting and tempting idea, and not for me.

I said no to helping launch an interesting educational system as a program coordinator.

I sold and walked away from my portion of a family-owned cabin, leaving behind many fond memories. I did so knowing I could never enjoy it as I needed. It had to be used as "others" intended. That is not for me.

Instead of joining others ventures I created my own life trajectory. I chose Yoga Teacher Trainings, Life Coaching, Goddess Circles, international travel, and creating this program.

This is: Me living as my

Authentic Self!

I found my JOY!!!

…and want to help you find and maintain yours.

Program Module:
Hell Yes
or F*** No

Use of tools such as yoga asana, mantras, journaling, worksheets, and listening to your gut instinct to find out for you what is a Hell YES and what is FU*K NO.

Program Module:

Perceived Blocks to SUCCESS!

Figure out what REALLY gets in the way of your success. Creating tools to get beyond those blocks to the SUCCESS you strive for and deserve to achieve.

Program Module:

Create your Mutually Supportive Community

Getting clear about who the morphing you is so you can be mindful about what community to create for support along the way, Using specific tools to manifest your mutually supportive community.

Example Curriculum

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